How do I disable internet access on any Android application


Do you know you can actually prevent any Android application from having access to your internet connection? This helps to save data consumption on your Android device. This article explains how to restrict or disable internet access for applications and prevent them from saving data in 2023.

This is not a hacking method; it’s simply a feature present in most Android devices, and it is always neglected because people don’t really know the uses and advantages of it.

So today I would like to teach you how you can easily disable any Android application from having internet or data access in 2023.


How to disable internet access on any Android application

Have you ever used Snapchat solely for taking selfies and videos? If so, have you ever experienced the frustration of losing a beloved filter due to an unwanted filter update? Have you ever opened an app to take a quick selfie, only to be bored by its slow loading time due to an active data connection?

This tutorial will explain how you can control which applications are allowed to access your data.


This also helps in saving your data bundle. Imagine sending a message to a contact using 50MB of internet data, only to find out that your social media apps, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Google Play Store, have depleted your data bundle without your knowledge. This is because background apps still consume data, and you have enabled internet access on all these apps.

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How To Disable App Internet Access Using Phone Manager

Just follow the steps, and you can take charge of your data.

  • Open your application menu and search for Xmanager
  • Open Xmanager
  • Click on the bandwidth manager
  • Open network manager
  • Now you can turn on or off any application you want to have internet access to.


How do I disable internet access on any Android applicationHow do I disable internet access on any Android application


How do I disable internet access on any Android applicationHow do I disable internet access on any Android application



Another Feature: Set data usage

This enables users to control their data usage. This mostly helps those who like minimizing their data. For a week, if you have a data cap of 1000 MB and need to utilize it, what would you do?

You can easily create a data usage limit of 200 MB per day to enable you to know when you are about to reach the limit and also when you have reached it.

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