Can’t find add payment method on Google AdSense payment page fixed

Fix problem in finding add payment method on Adsense


Hello webmasters, I have received feedback from several bloggers and website owners who have reported difficulties in adding new payment methods to their Google AdSense page. Here is a solution to the aforementioned error or bug. If you are unable to add a new payment method to your AdSense account because the option has been removed from the payment page, don’t worry. I can guide you on how to set up a new payment method, especially if you are adding a new payment account or have deleted the previous one.

As a result of the recent updates and policies of AdSense, there have been some changes made to your AdSense account. One of the changes is that you won’t be able to add a payment method until you have reached the minimum payment threshold of $100 or your preferred threshold. Google has removed the option to add a payment method until this threshold is met.

As stated by AdSense, When your earnings reach the payment method selection threshold, you can select your form of payment. Depending on your payment address, the following payment options may be available to you: Checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Wire Transfer and Western Union Quick Cash.


How to see the Add Payment Option On AdSense

If you can’t find the option to add a new payment method to your AdSense account, don’t worry. Google usually balances your monthly earnings with your balance on the 3rd of the following month. To check if this has happened, go to your AdSense home page.

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Once your earnings have been moved to your balance, check your payment page to see the threshold you set there. If the threshold is greater than your balance, amend it to match your balance. But remember, it should still exceed the minimum threshold of $100. Once you have done this, the payment method option will appear on your AdSense payment page.


To see your payment page, sign into your AdSense account at then click on the menu icon to see the navigation bar, then click on Payment. If you previously added a payment method, you will see edit payment method and then add a new payment method option, but if you have not, you will see manage payment settings.

Adsense payment page


Adsense earning page

This is not a bug, and it is generic and in all AdSense accounts, so don’t worry. Once your earnings for the previous month have been balanced and settled and you have reached the threshold, the “Add new payment method” option will appear.

When I first checked my AdSense account payment, there was no option to add a payment method, and my balance was $0.00. However, after my revenue for last month was balanced, the option to add the payment method appeared. You can refer to the screenshot above for more clarity. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this. Once your account earnings are balanced at the end of the month and ready to be paid the following month, the option to add the payment method will automatically appear.

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