Favorito Preset By Erno Ybañez DNG Free Lightroom File Download

Donwload Favorito Preset Lightroom file by Erno Ybanez for free


Are you looking for the Favorito preset by Erno Ybanez (DNG file)? Do you want to know how to import and apply the presets on Lightroom mobile, where to download the free Lightroom preset, and the passcode to get the Favorito preset for free by Erno Ybanez?

In this article, I have explained how to download and apply the preset to your pictures for free. So many users are complaining that the preset they downloaded is not taking effect on their pictures. This is because you have been downloading a picture, not a preset file.

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Who is Erno Ybañez?

Erno Ybañez is a Philippine video creator who has great skills in setting up some Lightroom presets and selling them on his YouTube channels, Instagram, and Facebook page at a cheaper price.


He also has a platform that is password-protected; you need his password and a 5-digit PIN code to access his page. Today, we will be giving out presets for free.



What is a preset?

For beginners, photo editors who don’t have a lot of time, or designers who want to create a consistent visual style for imagery, a Lightroom preset can be a great alternative to editing everything manually.

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A preset is a free (or paid) add-on that comes with pre-determined settings for some of the different features in Lightroom. A preset has all the settings ready to create a certain type of visual with just one click. They can save photographers, editors, and designers a lot of time while helping maintain a consistent visual style.


Free Lightroom Mobile Presets by Erno Ybañez

Erno Ybañez has over 300 presets made by him, which he shares and sells on his platforms, including the Favorito presets, which became popular. This effect was used by many; some people were introduced to Lightroom through this effect.

Favorito is just one of the over 300 presets by Erno Ybanez, and mind you, we have so many preset makers who are good at editing and fine-tuning photos and videos. In this case, we have over 200,000 presets. You can make a preset of your own.

Download Favorito preset (.dng) file for Android and iPhone (iOS) users

Join us on Telegram or WhatsApp to get access to a lot of premium presets available for free download. After clicking the download button below, click the file download button to save it to your device. Save it to a folder in your file manager where you can easily access it.

Download Favorito Preset File now


How to Import and Apply Favorito Preset on Mobile

Presets already have all the settings and adjustments done by a professional, e.g., brightness, RGB, sharpness, color effects, temperature, vibrant, tint, saturation, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, texture, clarity, vignette, smoothness, etc.

After downloading the preset, you have to copy the settings that you will be applying to your pictures and videos. The reason why it doesn’t work for most of you is because you downloaded the wrong file. Some of you download just pictures and not a DNG file.

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Installing the Lightroom App

Installing the Lightroom App

  • Download and install the Lightroom app on your mobile device, then launch the app.
  • On the next screen, create an account and log in.
  • Click on the add button to add your preset file (.dng format), which you downloaded earlier.

Importing the Favorito preset file

       Importing the Favorito preset fileImporting the Favorito preset file

  • Locate the folder where you saved the preset.
  • Open the folder and locate the preset file you downloaded.
  • Click on the file to select it, and then click the add button.

Note: On your Lightroom app, the files are displayed as pictures with an indicator at the top (RAW) or (DNG). Pictures and videos are in this format (JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP4, MPEG). Also, see How to Import and Export DNG Preset Files in Lightroom


Copying the preset settings

Copying the preset settings      Copying the preset settings

  • Go back to the main page, where you can see all your folders in Lightroom.
  • Click on all photos to see your recently added preset.
  • Locate the preset file, and then click to open it in the Lightroom app.

Copying the preset settings

  • After clicking on the preset file, look at the top and ensure it is in edit mode. Otherwise, change from info to edit

Note: Check the description of the file to see if it’s a DNG or a JPG/PNG file. Only DNG files are preset and are called raw files, which can be copied.


Copy preset file settingsCopy preset file settings     Copy preset file settings

  • After switching to edit mode, click on the 3-dot-icon menu button on the top right.
  • Click on Copy Settings.
  • Click on the mark icon.
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You have successfully copied the settings; do not change anything when copying settings.

Paste settings to your pictures

After you copy the preset settings, import the picture you wish to edit. Use the same process you used in importing presets to the Lightroom app.


  • Open the picture in edit mode.
  • Click the 3-dot-icon menu.
  • Click on Paste Settings to apply the settings.

Note: Once you click on paste settings, the effect will automatically be added to the image immediately, after you are done.

Save  and Export the picture

Export edited picture in LightroomExport edited picture in Lightroom


Note: The picture will be backed up as a raw file on the Lightroom app and the exported image, which you saved earlier, will be exported as .jpg, jpeg, png, etc. This exported image setting can’t be copied; it’s no longer a preset but an image.



The above guides work on all presets; that’s how to add presets to your Lightroom application. If it doesn’t copy and paste the settings, check the info of the picture or preset you are copying from to see if it’s a raw file (.dng).

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  1. But if try to copy the settings from the file you exported by adding it from your gallery like in step 1, it won't copy or paste because its a processed jpg or png file. Its no longer a raw file.

  2. You can only get the raw file of the photo you just saved if you follow the step in step 3, by clicking on all photos and then pick the file you just added the effect to and copy the settings.
    Note: the files you added to all photos are your normal pictures unless you add a preset to it then it becomes a raw dng file which can be copied. The only time you add a file which can be copied without editing or applying a preset to it, is if the file is a preset already just like in step 1. We downloaded it already as a raw dng file, so its editable without adding preset to it because it's a preset on its own.

  3. I just updated the post, now check the download link to download the file, also do ensure you join our telegram group or WhatsApp group not to mix out on our free presets and also where lots of people like you who talked about presets are. We share updates also on the platform. Don't forget to share this post link to those asking how to setup the preset too and recommend this article by sharing the post via the social buttons below

  4. For those in our WhatsApp groups, kindly stay tune as more presets are unfolding for free and still yet to download? Kindly read the post carefully to be able to download it correctly

  5. Hello I downloaded the file but it’s not working whenever I try pasting it on the photo I want to edit.. what’s wrong please?

  6. You didn’t downloaded the file, you downloaded the picture which is the preview of how the preset is, kindly use the download button or link to get the raw file which is copyable

  7. Please join my WhatsApp group where we share solutions, you have been downloading pictures and not presets. Please download the preset file (dng) and not pictures (png, jpg, jpeg)

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