How to Import and Export DNG Preset Files in Lightroom

How to install, import and export preset files in Lightroom app, mobile and pc


Looking for how to import and export preset files in the Lightroom app on your mobile device in 2023? In this article, I have explained all the steps with a picture guide and video on how to do them. Please read on. Before you proceed, join our Editors WhatsApp preset group, where we share lots of free and premium presets.

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What is Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is an image organization and processing software developed by Adobe Inc. as part of the Creative Cloud subscription. It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and tvOS.

What’s great about Lightroom is that it is made for editing photos. You can work with Camera Raw images, adjust the way stock photos look, mix up a visual aesthetic with a new twist on existing imagery, and just do more to make your photos look as good on the screen as you remember the moments to be. Or you can use Lightroom Presets to adjust imagery to fit a certain mood, which can be particularly helpful for marketing work.

Some of the key selling points of Lightroom include the ability to punch up colors, make dull-looking shots vibrant, remove distracting objects, and straighten skewed shots. Lightroom tools are the root of all those funky social media filters, and you can create those looks on any photo at any scale. What a preset does is make all of these tasks a lot easier and less repetitive.



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What is a preset, and where do I find them?

For beginners, photo editors who don’t have a lot of time, or designers who want to create a consistent visual style for imagery, a Lightroom preset can be a great alternative to editing everything manually.


A preset is a free (or paid) add-on that comes with pre-determined settings for some of the different features in Lightroom. A preset has all the settings ready to create a certain type of visual with just one click. They can save photographers, editors, and designers a lot of time while helping maintain a consistent visual style.


How to import (.dng) preset files on Lightroom

Whether you are using an Android device or an iPhone, this guide is all about the same process for importing preset files to your Lightroom app. Follow the steps below:

First method

  • Download the preset.
  • Save the preset to a folder in your file manager.
  • Open your Lightroom application.
  • On the home screen, click on Edits at the bottom center.
  • Click the + icon.
  • “Add photos from,” choose Files.
  • When your file manager opens, select the folder where you saved your preset files.
  • Click on the presets to import it.

Alternate method

  • Download and save the preset to a folder on your file manager.
  • Open the folder on your file manager.
  • Locate the preset and click or hold the preset to bring out the share icon or click the option button at the top right or left.
  • On the list of suggested apps, click Lightroom; this will automatically share the preset file with the Lightroom app.
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Note: Both methods work perfectly; if on the second method, you don’t see the Lightroom app to share it then use the first method. These methods work if you are downloading the preset files from the internet or web browser. The steps might differ on your phone, but when you open the Lightroom app, please locate the add icon or plus icon to add files or media to the app.

What if the preset was sent to you on WhatsApp or Telegram? Do not worry; kindly read on to the next method.


Importing Presets from WhatsApp or Telegram to Lightroom App

  • Open your WhatsApp or Telegram contact or group where the preset was sent.
  • Download the preset and click to open it.
  • Click the share icon, option, or menu button.
  • Share it to the Lightroom app or save it to the file manager and follow the first method above.

Note: This method works just as well as the first method. On your device, it might be different; you might not need to open the file after downloading it. Just click and hold the file down, and the option or menu button will show up. Click,  then select Share.



How to export preset files (.dng) from the Lightroom App

Whether you want to export it, then share it with a friend on WhatsApp or Telegram, or you want to sell it to a friend, this article will guide you through the steps to save a preset after customizing it in your Lightroom app.

  • Open your Lightroom app.
  • Open the preset file (.dng).
  • Click the share icon and click on “Export as.”
  • Open the select box and ensure it is set as “DNG.”
  • Click the “mark icon” or “done” and the preset will be saved.
  • Share it, save it to a folder on your file manager, or share it on WhatsApp.
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Note: Please make sure the file you are exporting is a preset file and not just a plain picture with no raw settings on it. On some devices, there will be a DNG label,, while on others, there will be a RAW label. You can double-check to confirm by switching or clicking on “info and rating.”. Also, you have to look at the name of the file you saved so you can easily search for it in your file manager. Please rename the file to your custom name.



In this article, I have briefly explained the steps to import and export preset files to your Lightroom app. Kindly join our WhatsApp group today and stay connected with lots of photography lovers and editors. Also, get access to our daily free presets being shared with the group.

Please leave a comment below if you encounter any issues while using this guide, and don’t forget to click the share button to spread the word. Your share would mean the world to us.



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