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ABOUT 9JAEDUBLOG is a Nigerian-based blog with the most requested articles and information. It’s one of the most visited online platforms that delivers entertainment news, celebrity gists, and hot news content daily to Nigerians all over the country.

Over the years, 9jaedublog has grown so big to cater to the ever-growing needs for information on the Internet. It was created in 2019, and ever since, it has ensured daily posts of the most requested keywords on Google search pages.

Our mission is to become the best online portal, delivering fresh Nigerian content to Nigerians at home & abroad.

9jaedublog covers almost all aspects of life, ranging from social media news to Nigerian entertainment news, information, and Nigerian education news.

9jaedublog is a fast-rising blog and has ranked 1,077,800th most visited blog worldwide according to Alexa page ranking, and it’s the 14th most visited platform or website in Nigeria.



Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel

9JAEDUBLOG was designed and created by Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel, a web designer and programmer who has found a passion for writing and meets the needs of readers all over Nigeria and abroad.

Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel, commonly known as Detty, is a content writer, influencer, marketer, and publisher.

Detty is an online influencer, blogger, web developer, and programmer. Detty is a Nigerian by nationality, born on December 9, 1997. He hails from the ‘Coal City’ of Awgu, Enugu State. but based in Lagos

Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel is a Google AdSense publisher and an affiliate team member of Amazon, Konga, and Jumia, which generates his income. As a publisher for Google AdSense, he monetizes his website and blogs with Google Ads.

He has a daily income of about $20, $500 monthly, and an estimated $6500 yearly from AdSense and other affiliate programs on his website, according to his web stats. He also sells e-books and gets paid for sponsored content he promotes on his website and blogs.



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