How to Schedule Messages on Telegram via the New Telegram Update

How do I schedule messages on Telegram?


How to Schedule Messages on Telegram: Telegram is the most popular alternative to WhatsApp. With the release of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, many people are switching to Telegram. In addition to messaging, Telegram is notable for its various other features.

Location and voice messaging can also be done on a telegram that can easily send large files of images, videos, and documents. Telegram has more features than WhatsApp, such as grouping more than 5,000 people, message pinning, chatting with others without sharing a number, unlimited cloud storage, and transferring files without downloading.

Here is one new Telegram update: How to Schedule Messages on Telegram.


How do I schedule messages on Telegram?

Telegram may even have features that you have not tried before. Such is the system of scheduling and sending messages. Everything from Telegram to Android, iOS, and PC can avail of this service. It’s just that you have to adopt a different approach to each. Here’s how to schedule and send messages on an Android phone.

  1. Open the Telegram app on your Android mobile phone
  2. If you’re new to Telegram, make sure you’re registered with the app. Then, select the person you want to message from your contact list and type your message in the message tab.
  3. Click and hold on the click mark to send the message. You can see two options: schedule messages and voicemail.
  4. Choose the first of these.
  5. Specify the time to send a scheduled message to a contact.



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