How to get my GOtv Surname, Username, account details and IUC number without phone number

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  • How to get my GOtv IUC number

If you have forgotten your GOtv surname or username and are unable to access your phone number for recovery, don’t worry. I can guide you through the process of easily retrieving your username to log in to your GOtv dashboard.

GOtv, owned and managed by MultiChoice Group, is one of the most popular and affordable pay-TV services in Africa. Like DStv (also operated by MultiChoice), GOtv makes use of a set-top decoder to broadcast digital channels to customers. All GOtv decoders have a unique identifier number known as the IUC number.


How to login my GOtv app without my username or phone number

Without your GOtv surname, which is your username, and the phone number assigned to the GOtv, you will lose access to Log In, and you can’t update your GOtv personal information, activate or reset your GOtv account, check your GOtv balance online, change your GOtv package, check your GOtv due date, or clear errors.

The only method provided by GOtv to retrieve your username, surname, or login name is through an online process in which you must log in with your IUC number and phone number assigned to GOtv. So how can you do that when you don’t have or have forgotten the phone number associated with your GOTV?

Getting Started

The method I will be discussing shortly involves obtaining your IUC number. An IUC number is a 10-digit identifier unique to a particular GOtv account and GOtv decoder. Just like you cannot own the same phone number or bank account number as someone else, every decoder on the GOtv network has its own IUC number.


Hence, the IUC number is also known as the customer number or serial number of your GOtv decoder. So if you are asked to provide your GOtv serial number, you should simply provide your IUC number.

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The IUC Number is not just any number; rather, it is an essential component of your GOtv decoder and GOtv service at large.


Method 1:

  1. Click the MENU button on your GOtv remote.
  2. Scroll to ‘Information Central’ and click the OK button on your remote.
  3. Your IUC number should be displayed at the top-left corner of the screen.


Method 2:

If your GOtv is switched off and you are unable to access the usual method for finding your IUC number, don’t worry. Simply turn your GOtv decoder upside down, and you will see the IUC number displayed on a red label, like a serial number plate, at the bottom of the decoder.

GoTv IUC number

Now that you have your IUC number, simply open your preferred banking application. I personally recommend the Stanbic IBTC mobile banking application, but any other bank app should work as well. The objective here is to activate or pay for your GOtv subscription using your bank account. Just follow the necessary steps to complete the process.


Get your GOtv Surname through the mobile banking app

Another method that I have used, and it has worked for me, is the mobile banking app.

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To access GOtv cable TV service on your mobile banking app, follow these steps:

  • Open your bank app and locate ‘Pay Bills’, ‘Bill Payments’, etc.
  • Locate the option that says “Cable TV” or “TV Cable Service” on your device.
  • Select GOtv from the options available.
  • Enter your IUC number.
  • Enter any phone number.
  • Select the GoTv package or bouquet.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.

Hot yo get your GOtv surname through mobile banking app

Note: Before entering your PIN to complete the payment, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. This message will display the name of the account you are about to pay, similar to when you want to transfer money to a bank account. Take a moment to review the name of the GOtv account. You can take a screenshot or write down the details for future reference.

Furthermore, you can also use a mobile USSD code, ATM, or internet banking, or just walk into their center to request the name. Kindly share this post with a friend to help others easily get their GOtv IUC number and login name, username, or surname associated with their GOtv.



In this article, I have briefly explained the steps to recover or get your forgotten username, IUC number, and phone number. Also, I have explained how to sign into your MyGOtv app without your username or surname. Please drop a comment below if this worked for you.

Do not forget to give us a share, as this encourages us to post more. Thank you.



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  1. “The only method provided by GOtv to retrieve your username or surname or login name is through online process of which you must login with your IUC number and phone number assigned to the GOtv.”

    Have you tried login into the MyGotv App with your phone number and IUC number?

    Where are you getting errors or having difficulties?

  2. If you got your GoTV IUC number, which is located at the back of your GoTV Decoder, head up to your banking app > bill payment > choose GoTV > enter your IUC number and your username will popup. You can then login to MYGOTV app with your username and ten you can get your phone number under my details.

  3. Tell someone who has a bank app on his/her phone, he/she is not making any payment or subscription for you, he/she is just helping you to verify the username of the IUC number of your Gotv. Another method which you can use is to go to an ATM near you. I have not tried this out but I believe it's the same process.

    Stay tuned for more posts

  4. I have tried all that is not working,i have the Gotv app but is demanding for number which i have lost,i recharged it yesterday but is not working

  5. You don’t need to have the number to login your gotv app, use your name/surname/username and iuc number to login, this method help you recover the name associated to your account

  6. You recharge and it’s not working, after waiting for some time did it work? If it hasn’t consider clearing error via MyGotv app since you lost your number for sms

  7. pls i am in the office and i want an agent to recharge my gotv but i am not with my iuc and i have tried getting the iuc through online but it is not working please help me.

  8. The gotv I recharge yesterday is not still working. I did it with access here is the iuc no: 8060573159. Please the phone no is lost help me and trace it

  9. Wait for some more time to check again, if it still don't work, on your decoder try to contact them to fix the error you are experiencing or use MyGoTv app to fix errors

  10. My Gotv IUC number is showing does not exist.

    What can I do guys? I have tried different things I know, I even chat with the Gotv representative on Twitter, I was totally ignored.

    This is my IUC number 8072037292
    This is my number 09153050330

    Someone help please

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