Is Lilsmart NairaMarley’s brother?

Is Lilsmart and Nairamarley related?

Some people may mistake LilSmart, who always dances with NairaMarley, for his brother, but no, he is not NairaMarley’s brother. They are just friends and dance partners.

Lil Smart, full name Idowu Smart Emmanuel, is a trap dancer, skateboard actor, comedian, model, actor, and songwriter. He first gained popularity in 2019 mainly because he not only closely resembles the ‘Tesumole’ merchant NairaMarley but also because he mimics his dance steps so accurately.

They could be mistaken for twins or, at best, siblings. Such is the resemblance between Tesumole crooner NairaMarley and Nigeria’s kid-dancer-on-the-block Lil Smart.

In actual reality, Lil Smart sees Marley as his idol. He and NairaMarley have a good relationship, no doubt, as shown in the Tesumole video shot together.


NairaMarley’s Brother is Shuddy Funds

As a matter of fact, NairaMarley met Lilsmart in 2019. They are in no way related to their biological brothers. Nairamarley’s brother’s name is Babatunde Fashola, commonly known as Shuddy Funds, and his picture is below.

Is Lilsmart Nairamarley’s brother?

See the Lil Smart pictures below:

Who is Lilsmart's brother?
Who is Lilsmart's brother?
Who is Lilsmart's brother?
Is Lilsmart and Nairamarley brothers?
Is lilsmart and Nairamarley related
Is Lilsmart and Nairamarley brothers?

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